Dhargyey Legacy Project

The Legacy Project is a fundraising initiative of the Dhargyey Buddhist Centre to ensure the longevity of 22 Royal Terrace, the home of the Dhargyey Buddhist Centre.

The Dhargyey Buddhist Centre  is based in a 140 year old historic building in Dunedin, New Zealand . It is a residence for our spiritual director  Venerable Lhagon Rinpoche, as well as other members of the sangha  (spiritual community).  It is the venue for teaching sessions, and contains a library of books and audio recordings. The Centre was founded with the blessings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama , who has visited several times.


The slate and iron on the roof of the building  is now very old and in a  bad state. Water is leaking through and damaging the interior. The estimated cost of fully repairing the roof  is approximately $NZ 4 00,000, including earthquake strengthening . Once completed, the future of the building as a spiritual centre and place of learning  will be secure for many years to come.


Funding is being sought from various community funding agencies but donations are vital for this project to go ahead.

31st October 2014

These paintings have recently been donated to support the roof project

However it is not good to sell these sorts of sacred things. Instead we will give them to the next person who donated $1,000 or more while the roof is still being fixed.


Tara Thangka-webBuddha Thangka-web

White Tara                                       The Buddha



If you would like to support our centre in a very practical way, please visit the  project website. Any contribution would be received with heartfelt gratitude. Donations are tax deductible.