Peace Vigil

24 August 2008

Dhargyey Buddhist Centre has received a request from the leaders of The Tibetan Government in Exile to participate in a worldwide vigil of prayer and fasting. As you can see below the aims of the vigil are to both improve the relationship between the Tibetan and Chinese people and to pray for oppressors and victims of oppression throughout the world.
On Saturday 30th of August Dhargyey Buddhist Centre is inviting all people to attend The Centre to take part in the vigil. The public programme will start at 7am and run until 7pm. In general terms the first one third or one half of each hour will be devoted to communal prayers and the second to silent seated prayer/meditation/reflection or silent walking meditation/prayer/reflection. You are welcome to stay for as long as you want. 12 hours of fasting is not a prerequisite for attendance. Also please feel free to organise your own event or do the practices in your own home.
Anyone who wishes to participate is very welcome. If you know others or are yourself of another faith we would be especially pleased to see your support- we are very open to organising an hour devoted especially to the prayers of another faith, so if you are enthused about this idea we would love to hear from you.
The timing coincides with a regular bimonthly Buddhist fasting practise day. For this reason Buddhist community members are invited to attend at 6am to take the vows for the day and then have some breakfast together. As these vows preclude eating later in the day everyone is welcome to share breakfast on the Sunday morning at 9am before the regular teachings.
Please make a point of writing your name and what you did for the day. We will collate this and pass it back to the Tibetan Government in India as a show of support for them.
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