Refugee Monk Sponsorship


Sponsor Refugee Monks - Dhargyey Bhuddist Centre


A fund has been set up to provide ongoing sponsorship in response to the difficult conditions of these Ordained Sangha, in India.

The Dhargyey Buddhist Centre Lamas; Ven. Lhagon Rinpoche and Ven. Thupten Rinpoche, have a duty of care for the Za Samdrup Gompa monks inside and outside of Tibet. Our Lamas left Za Samdrup Gompa in the mid 1950’s to attend Sera Monastery in Lhasa. Since then they, like many others, have been unable to return after being forced into exile at the time of the great Tibetan diaspora.

The sponsorship money will be used for monks in India. It is needed mainly for travel to attend teachings, caring for family members, healthcare, clothing, retreats for study and practise as well as extra education needs like degree costs or language studies.

Since this is a small scheme we are very effective at targeting our funds on the basis of who is the most deserving and needy.

How The Fund Works

Each sponsor pays a fixed amount of fifteen New Zealand dollars per month into a New Zealand bank account, for every sangha member they wish to sponsor. Some people prefer to make a yearly stipend of $180. All the funds are then transferred to India in one lump sum every few months. In India one person is accountable for the distribution of the funds to the designated Sangha members. Donors will be periodically informed of payments made and reports received from the Sangha. Our intention is for all the money you donate to go to the sangha, however the fund will be self sufficient financially, so some minimal bank transfer fees will be deducted.

Donors are paired to one particular monk to receive their benefits. Sponsors can get a photo and some information about that Sangha member if they would like. Whilst communication to the monks from sponsors is fine, we don’t actively encourage it. In cases of special hardship or need, the monks must apply to the administrators of the fund rather than contact their individual sponsors directly.

Our immediate concern is for the condition of the monks in Sera Monastery India. If you wish to donate to individual monks or nuns in New Zealand, please flag this with us as you make your
payment arrangements.

Getting Involved

You are welcome to become a sponsor to improve the quality of life of our special sangha.

To make Credit Card donations for Monk Sponsorship please visit the donation page of this website. If you wish to set up a regular payment our account details can be obtained from

Donations made by New Zealand tax payers, to The Centre, are generally eligible for one third refund through Inland Revenue, however since this fund goes out of NZ, refunds can not be claimed on monk sponsorship.