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Thursday Evenings, Lam Rim Jampell Zhallung

by The Glorious 5th Dalai Lama.

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Sunday Mornings, Guided Meditations

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April 25 Four classes of Refuge; beginning, intermediate, advanced and tantra. Interrelated and interdependent nature – like the top  a building’s storeys dependent on the lower ones for support and stability.

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March 21 Transmission of several mantras

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14\3 Drawbacks of attachment to sensory objects; Importance of faith in 3 Jewels; How these support development of calm abiding

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Monday Evenings, Tenets

"The main focus of tenets concerning consciousness is to identify the range of types of minds in terms of misapprehension and correct apprehension. The purpose is to provide a psychological structure for the therapeutic paths that cause a person to proceed gradually from misconceived notions about the nature of person and other phenomena to states of mind that can counteract innate misconceptions."

(An excerpt from the book we are following called Cutting Through Appearances, by Geshe Lhundup Sopa and Jeffrey Hopkins, Snow Lion Publications  ISBN 0-937938-81-5. Copies are available at DBC for $35 )

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